Outlook is one of the best online email service providers all around the world. Microsoft Outlook is known for hassle-free Outlook to send and receive services, email management, and many others. One of the premier features by Microsoft Outlook 2013 is the user can extract email addresses from Email in Outlook. This feature in Outlook helps to prevent from the following Outlook errors:

  • The user will face Outlook 2010 sending reported error 0x8004010f, that means the Outlook will not allow the user to send or compose any mail to other Outlook mail account
  • The massive use of sending and receiving mails and not extracting email addresses for email account can lead the users to Outlook error 0x8004011d, means the slow internet connection

Hence, it is always better to be on the safe side. The steps to extract email addresses from one Outlook message to another are very easy to execute. Before, looking into the manual procedure of  how to extract all email addresses from Outlook 2013, let’s know the benefits or advantages of this feature:

  • Error-free Data: Believe it? After you extract email addresses from Emails in Outlook 2013 free, your data will also be redundant free. There will be no duplicate data in your maildrop. Using an automation tool can lead to the occurrence of duplicate data. 
  • Customer Details: By adapting the idea to extract sender email addresses from Outlook, you will also get informative details of the email addresses you are extracting. Like? Contact details, company details, and other permitted information
  • Saves Time: No Outlook user would want to extract email addresses from Outlook free one by one by himself. An extractor feature by Microsoft Outlook makes the users work easier and faster. 

There are many more benefits to extract email addresses from Emails in Outlook 2013 that will make your Outlook account run smooth. Let’s go through the following methods to extract email addresses from Email in Outlook 2013.

How to Extract all Email Addresses from Outlook 2013?

Method 1

Copy and Extract
Step 1: Click on ‘Mail’ and select View 
Step 2: Turn ‘Reading Pane’ off

Step 3: Click ‘View’ again and add ‘Column’
Step 4: Drop down the tab of ‘All Mail fields’ and Select ‘Message’
Step 5: Click on ‘Add’ and ‘On’ respectively 
Step 6: Select the ‘first email’ and press ‘Control’, ‘Shift’, and ‘End’ keys altogether 
Step 7: Select any email and press ‘Control’ and ‘A’ together
Step 8: Create a workbook and shift all the extracted email addresses to the folder.

By following the above-mentioned steps you must have been able to learn how to extract all email addresses from Outlook 2013. If note yet, follows the subsequent method to extract email addresses.

Method 2

How to Extract email addresses to Excel in Outlook 2010?

Step 1: Open your Outlook Mail 
Step 2: Press ‘Control’ and ‘A’ together
Step 3: Drop down the tab of ‘Kutools’

Step 4: Click on ‘Bulk Save’, while saving the emails choose an option of ‘Excel format’

Now, the extracted email addresses will be saved in an excel format in bulk. If, the email addresses yet have not extracted, follow the last method to extract sender email addresses from Outlook.

Method 3

Extract Email addresses to Excel in Outlook 365

Step 1: Open Microsoft Outlook 365 account 
Step 2: Navigate yourself towards the ‘People’ icon and click on it

Step 3: drop down the tab of ‘Manage’ and click on ‘Export contacts’ 
Step 4: Select ‘All the connects’ and Click on the tab ‘Export’

After following the above-mentioned steps, your system will take a few minutes to extract all the specified folders and email addresses to extract and then you can take advantage of this feature of Microsoft Outlook.

Conclusion: It is not so difficult to extract email addresses from one to another Outlook accounts with copying and pasting. If the above-mentioned methods did not help you to extract email addresses from emails in Outlook then don’t lose hope. For simpler methods to extract email messages in the Outlook profile of versions: 2013, 2010, 2016, 2007, 365 and others, connect to our expert technicians. 

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