If you are a Frontier email user and were wondering what you need to know how about Frontier Email Settings then you have come to the right place. In this article, Emailsfix will take you through methods including all the steps in setting up frontier email. The content also goes through the Frontier SMTP Port Settings and Pop3 for the same.

IMAP – The Internet Mail Access Protocol oversees the receipt and viewing the emails. Whereas. SMTP – Simple Mail Transport Protocol commands the sending of the outgoing emails. While configuring IMAP, the configuration of SMTP is also needed.

Frontier Email Settings -IMAP, SMTP & POP3 Server

Frontier Mail Settings

To set up your email software with the frontier email you should know the following Frontier Mail Server Settings:-

  • In the ‘Incoming mail server’ enter ‘pop3.frontier.com’
  • The ‘Incoming mail server’ port value should be 995
  • For ‘Outgoing mail server’ enter ‘smtp.frontier.com’
  • The ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ port value should be 465
  • For user name use your Frontier email address
  • The password should be your ‘Frontier email id password’

Frontier Yahoo Email Settings

If you are looking for Frontier Yahoo Email Settings then here they are:-

In the Incoming Mail Server, enter the following:-

  • The server should reflect imap.mail.yahoo.com
  • The port value should be 993
  • In ‘required SSL’ type yes
Incoming Mail Server- Frontier Yahoo Email Settings

For ‘ Outgoing Mail Server’:-

Outgoing Mail Server- Frontier Yahoo Email Settings
  • The server should reflect smtp.mail.yahoo.com
  • Frontier smtp port settings value should be 465 or 587
  • ‘Required SSL’ should reflect Yes
  • Required Authentication should also reflect Yes

For login, info enter the following:-

  • In Email, address tab enter your full Yahoo email id
  • In ‘password’ enter your password of the yahoo id
  • ‘Required Authentication should be answered as Yes

Frontier Email Settings for Outlook or Thunderbird:-

  • Open your email client.
  • Click on File 
  • Click on the ‘Accounts Tab’
  • Click on the Advanced options tab and then select set-up manually from the options.
  • For ‘Incoming Mail Settings enter:-

‘Server’ should reflect pop3.frontier.com’
The port value should be 995
Authentication should be answered as yes

Incoming & Outgoing mail server- Frontier Email Settings for Outlook
  • For Out Going Mail settings enter:-

Smtp.frontier.com as ’Server’
frontier smtp port settings Value should be 465

  • The ‘Encryption Method’ should reflect SSL
  • Click on Save
  • Restart your system

We are hopeful that these are the most efficient steps that can help you in Frontier Emails Settings. Please note that for some third-party clients and software you might have to tweak the frontier email settings a little bit. Emailsfix always tried to bring the simplest solutions and methods of minor or major queries like Frontier Email Settings for Outlook 2010, frontier webmail server settings, etc. in all versions of outlook. If you were unable to follow the aforementioned solutions did not help then we advise you to contact our experts over a chat. Emailsfix experts have been praised by thousands of customers from all over the world. Hence, try it and know yourself.